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Reviews From Our Clients

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Wendy Cooper reviewed Joy Window Tinting February 24

Joy Tinting have just completed tinting our main windows and we are extremely pleased with the result. Paul is such a professional, taking exceptional care with every detail of the job especially cleaning up.

Joanna Morgan reviewed Joy Window Tinting December 16, 2016

Paul did an excellent job with our window tinting and we are very happy with the results. He was very professional, affordable and quite patient as it was a while between getting our quote and actually being ready to have the windows tinted.

Nga Pham reviewed Joy Window Tinting March 10

What a nice guy and what a great job he did to our doors and windows. We're glad we got Paul to do the job. Very happy with the price and the result.

Sunil Kumar reviewed Joy Window Tinting April 28 at 12:06pm

Excellent work , very much satisfied , very friendly , punctuality , good job keep it up i wil sure recommend you if any of my friends needs windows tinting.